Focal 714V Floorstanding Speakers – Havana – Pair

  • 2-1/2-way design
  • 1-inch aluminum-magnesium inverted dome tweeter
  • Two 5-1/2-inch Polyglass woofers
  • Attractive cabinet looks great in any room

The smallest of Focal’s Chorus 700 V series floorstanding speakers, the 714V cranks out authoritative sound from a cabinet with a minimal footprint. Elaborate yet balanced, the Chorus 714 V employs two 5-1/2-inch mid/bass woofers in a 2-1/2 way configuration (in which each woofer’s low-pass crossover is configured for a different frequency) to deliver solid bass while maintaining the wide and deep soundstage of the bookshelf designs.

Thanks to the improved suspension and magnetic structure in the 1-inch Focal inverted dome tweeter, the 714V is flat up to 28kHz, which allows it to reproduce the extended highs from vinyl, SACD and high-res downloads. The two 5-1/2-inch Polyglass bass drivers are very light yet extremely rigid, for great midrange and tight bass response.

The Chorus 700 V Series

Focal is known for cutting-edge loudspeaker design. Focal engineers used expertise gleaned from the development of their reference loudspeaker (the $90,000 Grande Utopia BE) in the creation of the Chorus 700V Series. This line of speakers offers unprecedented performance for the price.


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